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Creative 3D Shapes & Characters

Design Creative 3d Shapes


Loads of Fun

Explore the Infinite Possibilities

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An intuitive building toy

In a Space Chips™ set there are 3 different kinds of shapes, Triangles, Pentagons and Squares. When building with Space Chips™ there are Endless Possibilities™ for fun building.

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intuitive 3D shapes

Build your own creative 3D shapes and characters great for on-the-go fun since they pack flat and can entertain kids for hours.

Why Space Chips? 



Space Chips™ are great for on-the-go fun since they pack flat and can entertain for hours.



With 3 different kinds of shapes, building with Space Chips™ supplies you with infinite building possibilities.


Great for
Kids & Adults

Space Chips™ are intuitive, easy to construct & are made of high quality, durable material for continued use & excellent play value.


Each Box Includes:

Space Chips and a “tips-and-tricks” product sheet where you can learn how to build the First Five Drons and cool Combo-Drons like “Quacks the Duck” and “Salty the Crab”.

The set includes the three Space Chip shapes — Triangle, Square, and Pentagon. With these sets you can of course start by building the First Five Drons as well as many other creative and expressive Combo-Dron shapes.